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Fall Section Meeting and Technical sesion November 9th 2016

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What is the International Municipal Signal Association?

Since its origin in 1896, IMSA has grown in size, stature and prestige.  Today, the Association has members in all areas of the United States, in many areas of Canada, and in many of the free countries of the world.  Through its many years of continuous dedication of effort in improving and advancing all aspects of public-safety, IMSA has gained recognition and influence with local, professional organizations.

Membership is comprised of persons employed by governmental organizations (city, county, state, federal, province, etc.) and private corporations who are interested in promoting Public Safety in the most economical manner.  The IMSA objectives are to improve the efficiency, installation, construction, and maintenance of Public Safety equipment and systems by increasing the knowledge of its members on traffic controls, fire alarms, radio communications, roadway lighting, work zone traffic control, emergency medical services and other related systems.

Membership areas are divided into geographic sections covering North America and other group locations.  The New Jersey Section covers all of New Jersey and Pennsylvania east of the Susquehanna River.  Each section holds one or more meetings during the year, attended by IMSA members and other interested persons in the area.  At the meetings, mutual problems are discussed, solutions presented, and personal contact with exchange of ideas is assured.  Technical papers are presented by members, engineers and other experts covering a variety of helpful topics.

Since 1896, when IMSA was founded, an International meeting has been held every year.  Expert speakers are selected to present Public Safety subjects that are educational in scope and motivational to everyone in attendance.  Manufacturers exhibit the latest product innovations at the Annual Conference.  Experienced engineers and technicians are on hand to demonstrate equipment and to give personalized attention to the individual needs of the IMSA members.

Through its International Committees, the IMSA successfully represents its members by undertaking and completing many important Public Safety projects.  For example: working in an advisory capacity granted by the Federal Communications Commission IMSA provides coordination of public safety radio frequencies for the fire, emergency medical service and public safety pool including 800 MHz.

IMSA offers educational and certification programs in Traffic Signals, Signs and Markings, Work Zone Traffic Control, Municipal and Interior Fire Alarm systems, Public Safety Dispatcher and Flagging.  To assist the governmental agencies in lowering the likelihood of unnecessary legal actions and to increase the quality of public safety personnel, it is the deep conviction of IMSA that a certification program is warranted in each area of public safety operations.

The IMSA Certification Programs are primarily concerned with the evaluation of expertise.  However, IMSA realizes that not all agencies have access to standardized training materials and therefore make available Certification Review Programs for its level examinations.  These Review Programs are not intended to teach an individual all that he/she needs to know in order to pass a particular examination.  They are intended to present the fundamentals of particular areas and overview of subjects that participants should already be familiar with based on national standards and regulations.

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